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We at Blue Frosting are all about the love for baking. My name is Kogi Pillay and I started Blue Frosting simply because I love to bake and that love keeps growing on a daily basis. I know this sounds cliche but I go to bed and awake thinking of cake. Even when there are days that I think I am not going to bake, well that changes very quickly.

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Each bake is especially crafted and made especially for you, using only the best and freshest ingredients. Allow us to personalise your cake so that every occasion becomes special.

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Is there a more richer and tastier world than baking? Come join us as we explore, experiment and taste our way through amazing recipes, crossing paths with the best bakers from around the world. We take great pride in finding and testing the best recipes that make the baking experience blissful.

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I have spent 25 years in the corporate world working in sales and marketing. Teams that lack focus and drive cost companies a lot of money. Let Blue Frosting work with your team to get that team energy back up again.